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Snake-Tongue Charmer Dungeons & Dragons Gaming Candle | Charisma

Snake-Tongue Charmer Dungeons & Dragons Gaming Candle | Charisma

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Are you ready to take your Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) game to the next level? Imagine lighting a candle that not only sets the mood for your gaming session, but also enhances your gameplay with a unique stat-based "buff." These exclusive clear jar candles feature three distinct colored layers that provide a balanced buff to your D&D game, creating an immersive and magical experience like never before. Each layer of the candle has a different variation on the buff; as you burn the candle the buff changes for the whole party, as well as the counter-buff.

The Snake-Tongue's balanced buffs are based on the Charisma stat in D&D, so even the barbarian can get some maidens. 

Immerse yourself in the elegance of our Snake-Tongue candle. As the flame dances in time, it evokes a delicate bouquet of sweet, fluttering notes intertwined with the crispness of juicy pears and the subtle sweetness of grapes. This fragrance evokes a sense of persuasion and intrigue, reminiscent of a delightful evening spent savoring a glass of exquisite wine.

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