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Peacemaker: The Magic (D&D) Dagger

Peacemaker: The Magic (D&D) Dagger

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Introducing the Peacemaker, a stunning ornamental knife that's perfect for any Dungeons and Dragons game. Forged as the fantasy daggers of old, this knife is both a beautiful decoration and a powerful tool that can provide utility in-game and out.

But the Peacemaker is more than just a decoration. It also has an "around-the-table" ability that can be activated out of game, making it more than a simple slab of steel. If the knife is unsheathed, all targeted creatures by the knife bearer are immediately put into the “talking” dimension for a minute. Essentially a talking stick imbued with the very powers of creation, any dispute becomes a pleasure to meander. 

And that's not all – the Peacemaker also provides a powerful in-game buff to its wielder. When activated in-game, the magical glow of the Peacemaker gives the user a temporary boost to their charisma, equal to their proficiency bonus, making them more persuasive and charming to those around them. This can be particularly useful in social encounters, where diplomacy and negotiation can be just as important as combat. In addition, its combat stats are 1d6+ the player’s level divided by three radiant damage, rounded up. So, if the wielder was 12th level, it would deal 1d6+4 radiant damage.

So why settle for a plain, boring knife when you can have the Peacemaker? With its powerful abilities, stunning design, and authentic medieval style, it's the perfect accessory for any Dungeons and Dragons adventurer.

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