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Book-Worm Dungeons & Dragons Gaming Candle | Intelligence

Book-Worm Dungeons & Dragons Gaming Candle | Intelligence

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Are you ready to take your Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) game to the next level? Imagine lighting a candle that not only sets the mood for your gaming session, but also enhances your gameplay with a unique stat-based "buff." These exclusive clear jar candles feature three distinct colored layers that provide a balanced buff to your D&D game, creating an immersive and magical experience like never before. Each layer of the candle has a different variation on the buff; as you burn the candle the buff changes for the whole party, as well as the counter-buff.

The Book-Worm balanced buffs are based on the Intelligence stat in D&D, to assist in your study; looking up the next-level spells in an ancient tome. 

A grand library, surrounded by ancient tomes and stories waiting to be discovered, is the essence of our Book-Worm candle. This scent weaves together the nostalgic aroma of aged paper and worn, used leather bindings. As the candle burns, your table will fill with the comforting embrace of knowledge and wisdom from centuries past. Lose yourself in the captivating scent of magical tomes and written treasures.

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